About Us

Back Story

Battle Forged Coffee was unearthed by three brothers of music. The origin of the idea came from seeking great tasting coffee that supports a community of musicians, first responders, and people with tough jobs needing to thrive throughout the day.

Being coffee enthusiasts, we were discouraged receiving coffee that sat around for weeks in a warehouse. Our 100% Colombian coffee is prepared by our roaster and is delivered straight to you. Having fresh coffee makes a difference you can feel throughout your day. Once you taste Battle Forged coffee, you will instantly know the difference.

Our original blend is a light roast. Keeping as much of the caffeine in your cup as possible. Baristas, coffee connoisseurs, family and friends, all agree...it tastes friggin' amazing! More roasting options and specialty blends will be available soon.

Ivan, MIke & Jacoby - Owners of Battle Forged Coffee 

Our Team

Jacoby Kingston – Team Wrangler

Jacoby comes from a sales and marketing background, having owned his own marketing company since the early 2000’s. Before that, he co-owned a successful record label. Jacoby is also a musician and a surfer. Two endeavors that require a good load of coffee per day. Beyond that, Jacoby is a family man, a hard worker, and a coffee diehard. Nothing in life comes without some struggle, but coffee sure helps!

Michael Hamilton – Brand Ambassador

Mike has been a metal drummer for the better part of 30 + years and is a coffee zealot. Having worked in the past for a roasting company, Mike is well versed in coffee bean knowhow. As the brand ambassador, he is likely touring the world on any given month and spreading word about our awesome coffee.

Ivan Munguia – Road Dog

Joe Ivan Munguia rounds out our trio of owners. Ivan is a coffee fanatic, tradesman, musician, active trader in the financial markets, and most of all - a dedicated family man. He drinks Battle Forged by the pot to fuel his day-to-day activities. Ranging from putting millions of watts worth of solar power into service, geeking-out on the technical aspects of the foreign currency, stock, and crypto markets, writing skull-crushing riffs, and keeping up with three little rascals between the ages of 1 to 6 years old.

Adam Boyd – Master Roaster

Adam has been roasting coffee for decades and has the expertise and sixth sense for getting the right roast on the beans every time.  This dude knows his coffee and loves it. We are so grateful to have him on our team.

Amy Bowers – Social Media Manager

Craig Peters – Content Creator


Company Mission

It is our mission to provide the freshest and best tasting coffee at a fair price in order to conquer daily life with a positive mindset.